Review Policy

*I am currently accepting review copies from publisher and authors, including indie*

Okay so here’s a list of books I absolutely DO NOT read and don’t like so there’s no sense in pitching me:

Religious fiction
Religious non-fiction
Picture books

If you are an indie author and your book doesn’t fall under any of the above genres, please feel free to pitch it to me. But I will warn you: if it is poorly edited it will get a bad review. That’s just how it is.

I accept ePubs and physical copies. (I actually prefer ePubs.)

Take a peek at my past reviews for an idea of how I roll. My reviews aren’t super long, can be a bit rambly and are very informal. I always try not to be mean when I don’t like a book and I always try to highlight something good about it. If you get a bad review from me? Tough. Any negative comments or bullying geared towards me will be shared on social media and you will be black listed.

Shoot me an email at

Happy reading!



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