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Book purge 2010 update: an idea is born

27 Aug

So, as some of you may know, about a month or so ago I did a major book purge. In total I think that I decided about 200 books needed to find a new home. A bunch of them went to a really cool local second hand bookstore and the hubs and I exchanged them for more books (kinda counter-intuitive, I know, but work with me folks.) At that bookstore visit an idea took seed in the hubs’ brain. He didn’t share it with me right away,  but later that day he said the magical words most bookworms would love to hear;

“Hey, wanna open a second hand book store?”

Of course my first response was “Bawha?”  Then I giggled. A LOT.

So it looks like I’ll be opening a used book store next June. Wanna see where it’ll be?

Future home of the Book Nook

I know, I know. It doesn’t look like much now, and trust me, it isn’t. It needs to be re-shingled, re-floored and windowed. But the hubs thinks it’s all doable. Swears that it’s all doable. And he says even if we have to sell the books on tables outside the store, I’m opening up in the spring.

Aaaand, since I didn’t sell all of my purged books, I even have some stock!

Yes that's Twilight. Please don't judge.

Am I excited? You bet. Scared shitless? Goes without saying. But it’s a new adventure and I’m about due for another one.