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Yes, I’m still here…..

17 Sep

It’s been a month since I’ve posted a review. A MONTH. I’ve been so busy with Fierce Ink Press that I honestly barely had the time to read, let alone think out the words to a review. So I let the blog slide. In fact, my plan had been to get caught up on the reviews that I owed and shut Lavender Lines down. For good.

Then I hop on Twitter (something else I rarely do these days) and see that two of my favourite authors, Cathy Buchanan and Susin Nielsen, have mentioned me in a tweet related to CBC Books.

Seems last week book blogger appreciate week and CBC Books did a blog post a couple of days back, title Book blogs we appreciate: the 2012 Edition. And there I am.

I am surprised. I am honoured. I am motivated to get back on track with the blog.

I love how when you’re struggling with something, with whether or not you want to continue, the universe sometimes throws you a hint. Sends something your way that helps with that decision.

So Lavender Lines is sticking around. There will be some changes, but this blog will be staying.

My first challenge failure

10 Dec

So back in September I signed up for my very first book challenge, Clear Off Your Shelves Challenge over at S. Krishsna’s blog. I was very excited about it and honestly thought I could do it. My goal was that for the months of October and November, 50% of the books I read would be books that had been kicking around for more than 6 months.

Then I bought a house. And packed all my books away thinking that we were moving in the first week of October. Well, here we in the first week of December and we still haven’t moved it. And my books are still packed away somewhere.

So I kinda failed the challenge. In fact, for the two months I think I only read about 6 books, which is my normal amount for a week to two weeks.

But I’m glad I signed up and will be giving other challenges a try in the new year.

Once I unpack my books.

Clear Off Your Shelves Challenge

20 Sep

For the last little while I’ve been staring at an ever growing pile of books that I want to read. The pile has grown so monstrously large that I’ve even spread the books out, in an effort to trick myself into thinking that there aren’t that many. But there are. And I know it.

So you can well imagine how happy I was to hear about the Clear Off Your Shelves Challenge over at S. Krishsna’s blog. In a bit of a twist, this challenge isn’t about reading particular books, but rather about the percentage of books you read. Basically a percentage of the books you will read between October 1st and November 30th have to have been on your book shelf for six months or more.

With all the great books coming out this fall and the recent book buying spree I went on, this challenge could be difficult. But I think I’m up for it.

So, I have decided that a whopping 50% of the books that I read in October and November will be review and non review copies I’ve had for at least six months. Tonight I’ll grab a notebook, pen and duster as I go in search of those older books that are begging to be read. Once I finish the latest Kathy Reichs. And The Amanda Project. And Mr.Darcy, Vampyre.

Oh dear…….