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Canada Reads Bloggers’ Choice

16 Oct

I mentioned last week that I was asked to be a part of a bloggers’ choice for Canada Reads list and that my chosen book was Cathy Buchanan’s The Day the Falls Stood Still. What I didn’t tell you guys was why I chose it.

Scoot on over to CBC Canada Reads website and find out why I think this book should be a Canada Reads choice. Check out the other blogger’s picks, too. There are some great books up for nomination, folks.

Oh, and you can vote for which bloggers’ choice book you think should be be on the essential 40 Canadian Reads list. Please, please vote. While I of course want you to vote for The Day the Falls Stood Still, the important thing is that you vote. 🙂


My Canada Reads nomination goes to …

6 Oct

Really, this should come as no big surprise. After all, it’s one of my favorite books not only of last year, but of forever.

And, hey, anyone can vote, right? So if you loved The Day the Falls Stood Still as much as I did, scoot on over to CBC and throw in your vote.

The awesomeness of Canada Reads 2011

5 Oct

OMG the people over at CBC kick ass! For the tenth anniversary of Canada Reads they are shaking things up in a major way. For full deets check out the CBC website, but here’s the Dummies version:

This year the panelists won’t be choosing their own books. Well, technically they won’t. CBC is looking for all kinds of folks to nominate a Canadian book from within the last decade that they’d like to see on Canada Reads. Each nomination counts as a vote. On October 26th the top 40 books will be deemed the “Top 40 Essential Canadian Novels of the Decade.”

From this list of 40 books the panelists will pick the top ten, which will be announced on the 9th of November. From this list, the panelist will choose the book they want to defend.

Seriously, this is all kinds of neat, eh? I love how CBC has decided to make Canada Reads more interactive. And it’s going to be great to see that top 40 list! I know my wish-list is going to grow crazy big.

And – excuse me while I do a happy dance – I was asked to nominate a book as part of a blogger’s choice list!!!! This makes me so happy and honoured and a bit teary-eyed.

I know the book I will be nominating. As soon as I get the okay, I shall share with you all. For those that know me really, really well it won’t come as a BIG surprised. After all it was one of my favorite reads of last year. 🙂

Canada Reads 2010 reading challenge

1 Dec

Last year I listened to the Canada Reads debate on CBC Radio. Unfortunately I hadn’t read any of the chosen books. This year, I will not make the same mistake. I plan on reading all five books and thought that this would be a great first challenge for me. As a Canadian and a supporter of Canadian literature, I love the idea of a challenge centered around Canadian books. And, unlike some other challenges that are quite large or open ended, all this challenge requires is that you read the 2010 Canada Reads books. And, to make it even easier, you can choose how many of the books you want to tackle. I plan on reading all five, including the one that I have already read.

If you feel up to the challenge and want to join, just leave a comment.

2010 Canada Reads novels:

Good to a Fault by Marina Endicott – defended by Sima Sara

Nikolski (translated) Nicolas Dickner, Lazer Lederhendler – defended by Michel Vezina

Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture by Douglas Coupland – defended by Roland Pemberton

The Jaded Peony by Choy Wayson – defended by Samantha Nutt

Fall on Your Knees by Ann-Marie MacDonald – defended by Perdita Felicien