The Camino Club – Kevin Craig

6 Oct

I reviewed one of Kevin’s first books, Boy on Fire, ages ago and I absolutely loved it. We became Twitter friends and he’s one of a handful of peeps I love talking to on a regular basis. He’s so sweet.

Anyhoo, when I saw he had a new book coming out, I knew I had to read it. I was hearing great things about it too. So I requested a review copy from Netgalley (thanks y’all!) and dug in.

Aw, this book! It was everything I needed to read and if you are looking for a genuinely great and happy book that will just raise your spirits and hug your heart, The Camino Club is that book.

I’ve heard it compared to The Breakfast Club, and yups, that’s a good comparison. Watching the teens grow into themselves and form relationships while doing the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage had all those John Hughes vibes.

The landscape itself was one of the best characters and really help bring the story to life.

The writing was wonderful and the plot and characters were complex and well developed and now I want the stupid pandemic to be over so I can do the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage.

Read this book,k? I loved it so much I ordered my own copy.



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