Close encounter of the Kelley Armstrong kind

2 Nov

*This is where I would put the pic of me and Kelley if I had remembered to frigging take one.*

If you’ve followed this blog since its beginning, or know me IRL, then you know that Kelley Armstrong is my favourite author. I am a HUGE fangirl of hers. Kelley’s been to the east coast several times for book signings and events but the stars have never lined up so that I could go.

Until this past Saturday.

Kelley was one of the authors featured this year at Hal-con. Once she was announced I became hell-bent to get over and see her. I was singular in my mission. I asked the hubs if he wanted to go and he said yes and we bought our tickets for Saturday. We made the commitment and I was over the moon happy about it.

Now, you need to understand why we just opted to go over one of the three days. We have a very unique household. We have a lot of animals, so the two of us going away for a weekend just isn’t doable. We may have been able to convince someone to come in and feed the dogs and let them out, make sure all our cats had food and water, the bunnies were okay, and go to our barn and feed our goats, but with 36 baby ducklings in the house, along with four chicks plus all the birds in our barn, it’s really too much to ask of someone. So a day trip it was. But that’s how much I wanted to meet Kelley. I was willing to do a day trip that saw me up at 3:30 am Saturday and not in bed until 1:30 am Sunday, driving almost 4 hours to Halifax and then back.

AND ZOMG it was worth it! The day was pretty amazing. I actually saw Kelley walking back to the venue after lunch and before her signing and did my typical fangirl freakout and was too overwhelmed to approach her. I did, however, talked to her before her signing and I am proud to say I didn’t cry or dork out. Although I may have cried AFTER I got to talk to her.

I brought an earlier edition of the Stolen paperback to get signed, because it was the first book of Kelley’s that I ever bought, so it has a lot of meaning to me. It was fun to chat with Kelley about the cover, which she said she hadn’t seen in a long time.

Her Q&A was just amazing. The only downside was I wish it had been longer. She had prizes for those who asked a question. I got up my nerve to ask a question (What is the most challenging character to write. The answer was Eve — who is one of my fave characters — because she’s so different from Kelley. Kelley also said she’s one of the most fun characters to write.). And then KELLEY ARMSTRONG GAVE ME A BOOK. A wonderful collection of her short stories. I may have spent the rest of the day hugging it.

So, yeah, Saturday was a big day for me. I was able to meet my favourite author and check one name off my Authors I Need to Meet bucket list. I’ll be giddy about that for a while.





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