Betsy Wickwire’s Dirty Secret – Vicki Grant

22 Dec

Betsy’s life is officially over: Dumped by her boyfriend, betrayed by her best friend . . . how is she ever going to show her face again?

Determined to avoid everyone and everything from her previous life, Betsy stumbles into an unusual café and an even more unusual girl. Dolores Morris—a mouthy, green-haired outsider Betsy can’t quite remember from school—talks her into starting a cleaning service. Before she knows it, Betsy is down on her knees, dressed like a dust bunny, scrubbing strangers’ toilets.

It’s a long way for the most popular girl in school to have fallen. But Betsy finds comfort in the wine bottles and prescriptions and other dirty secrets she finds hidden in her clients’ homes. She also finds love with a client’s son, friendship with Dolores and a liberated sense of herself. Her new life soon falls apart, though, when valuables begin to go missing from some of the homes she and Dolores have been cleaning. Betsy discovers the hard way that not all dirty secrets can just be swept under the rug.

Okay, it looks like I have to make room next to my Susan Juby and Susin Nielsen shines.  Cuz I have a new hilarious Canadian author to worship and her name is Vicki Grant.

I hugged this book so much as I read it that it took me a week to finish. Betsy Wickwire’s Dirty Secret is the type of book that I hope to one day write. Funny, realistic, heart-aching, heartwarming, cringe-worthy awesomeness.

I loved the message in the book that sometimes life throws us not what we want but what we need. I also loved that Betsy’s life is turned on its ass but once she adjusts, she finds out it isn’t all that bad, her new reality. I think pretty much everyone will be able to identify with that and the hope it gives.

I also loved, loved LOVED that the book was set in and around Halifax. AND, there’s a Joel Plaskett reference. How awesome is that? It was these little East Coast details that made me fall even more in love with the book and Vicki’s writings.

While I loved Betsy, I kinda wanted to be Delores. What a wonderfully off-centered, sweet and deep character. Oh, and her clothes? I want. BAD.

This was my first book by Grant (thanks to Shannon at HarperCollins Canada for sending it!) but you can bet it won’t be my last.

Now, where shall I put her shrine?


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