Water Hazard- Helene Boudreau

5 Dec

“Twins André and Lucas love working at Cavendish Beach on Prince Edward Island—helping their Park Warden mother, lobster fishing with their grandfather and collecting seaweed with Mr. Arsenault and his horse, Thunder. But when Thunder is badly hurt by a mysterious object in the ocean, the boys know they need to turn to another passion of theirs—solving mysteries. With Lucas’s brain and André’s courage, the boys always solve their cases, and now they have their eye on hostile Mr. Prune. Water Hazard is the second title in Hélène Boudreau’s Red Dune Adventure series. “

Okay, so you all know how much I say I hate describing a book as cute. But what am I supposed to do when that’s exactly what the book is? Cuz Water Hazard? For me it was full of the cute. But not gushy, pink and overly sweet cute. Nope. I just loved the setting, the characters and the story. All combined it was cute.

I think any kids who like reading about animals, nature or mysteries are going to devour this book.  Think Hardy Boys and Eric Wilson’s books. And I loved how Helene didn’t dumb down the mystery in the book just because it’s geared towards kids. I wasn’t even 100% until the twins solved things.

If you have a young reader, Water Hazard is a great book. And the fact that it takes place in PEI where I live? Love it.


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