Zombies Calling by Faith Erin Hicks

27 May

Publisher: SLG Publishing
Released: Nov 27th, 2007
Genre: Graphic Novel
Bought at Word on the Street because I loved the title and cover image.

Joss’s life sucks. She’s worried about exams and student loan debt when she’d much rather be watching the zombie movies she loves. So it’s no surprise that when she tells her roommates that she’s been attacked by a swarm of real-life, brain-hungering zombies-zombies!- they think the stress has finally cracked her.

But Joss knows she’s sane- and it’s a good thing, too! Because the zombies are real, and the she’s the only one who knows how to fight them. Armed with “The Rules,” truths about fighting the undead gleaned from zombie movies, Joss, Sonnet and Robyn just might make it out of their dorm alive.

From SLG Publishing website.

Holy shit this was FUNNY. And not just “ha ha how cute” funny. I mean “snorting and tears streaming down my face” funny.

I’m just getting into graphic novels and I seriously think I need to read more like Zombie Calling. It’s a short little graphic novel, but my God it packs a wicked punch. Joss was a pretty cool character, as were her friends Sonnet and Robyn. And I loved that she was depending on her vast knowledge of zombie movies to keep them alive.

I also really, really dug that this takes place at a Canadian university. The whole idea of a zombie outbreak on campus was hilarious. After all, I pretty much felt like a zombie during most of my university days. 🙂


2 Responses to “Zombies Calling by Faith Erin Hicks”

  1. Cait H. May 29, 2011 at 4:43 pm #

    I really liked this one, too! It being Canadian just made it even better 🙂

  2. Emma Book Angel June 12, 2011 at 10:49 am #

    This sounds like one for the school library. THank you

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