HCC March Madness!!!!!!!!

28 Feb

I love HarperCollins Canada’s March Madness. It’s one of the literary fun things that I look forward to every year. Yes, I’m that much of a book dork. I love seeing which books are being pitted against each other and I get all tingly when I vote for my favorites. Well, this year my bookish sense are in tingle overdrive because I’m part of the book blogger draft. What does that mean? Well, my fine reading friends, it means that I will be defending 4 of the 64 books battling it out. So over the next few weeks expect some posts about my chosen 4, why I love them so much (and I really, honestly love them ALL) and why you should hop on over to the March Madness site and give them some love. For now how’s about I just introduce you to my books? Round one voting goes all week, so feel free to take a day or two to get to know them. Or, if you 100% trust my amazing book prowess, head on over and vote for them now. 🙂

Inside Out Girl by Tish Cohen: This is a recent read for me and from page one I fell in love with Olivia. It’s the perfect blend of quirky characters and serious subject matter that makes for a perfect read.

The Strain by Chuck Hogan and Guillermo Del Toro: These are definitely not your teenagers’ vampires. I loved that the vamps in this book are basically mindless, driven killers. Not a sparkly brooder in the bunch.

Spin by Catherine McKenzie: One of the funniest, smartest chick-lit writers out there right now. This book made me laugh, cry, shake my head and smile my ass off. Loved. It.

The Day the Falls Stood Still by Cathy Buchanan: If you know me you know how brilliant I think this book is and how much I love it. It is the perfect example of historical fiction and even though it’s been about a year and a half since I read it I still get goosebumps over that ending.

So there you have it. My four books and why I loved each of them. So please pop by the March Madness site and vote for them, k?


3 Responses to “HCC March Madness!!!!!!!!”

  1. Cathy Marie Buchanan February 28, 2011 at 1:08 pm #


  2. Jennifer Rayment March 2, 2011 at 1:01 pm #

    I haven’t read any of these, so I am going to put them on my list. I have also voted everyday since this post came out on your choices plus mine in the other groups

    • lavenderlines March 2, 2011 at 1:34 pm #

      Aw, thanks! Oh, and you should read them. Wicked good books. 😛

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