Bobby Flay’s Throwdown

12 Nov

In celebration of the release of chef Bobby Flay’s book Bobby Flay’s Throwdown! (Random House Canada, 2010) book and foodie bloggers were invited to host their own culinary throwdown. I’m not normally competitive, but this sounded like a hoot so I figured, why the Hell not?

So the big plan was for me to pit my world famous (or at least amongst our friends famous) chili against Bobby’s. Then I got sick. Very sick. Like, worst cold in the history of colds sick. It’s going on, oh, three weeks now and I think I’m on round 4. Not fun.

Anyhoo, the last thing in the world I felt liking making – or eating- was chili. So the hubs, God bless his little soul, stepped up to the plate and informed me that he was going to do the throwdown by himself. Yup, two of the hubs’ many personalities were going to duke it out in the kitchen. But he was changing the menu. It was mac and cheese time.

The hubs makes THE BEST homemade mac and cheese. Oooey, gooey yumminess, it’s one of my favorite dishes. Sure, Bobby Flay is this big deal chef, but I knew that my man’s dish was going to win.

The hubs slaved away all day in the kitchen making the dishes. The only thing he changed about Bobby’s recipe was he didn’t add the sliced pancetta. We then headed over to friends for supper where we all indulged in the two dishes. And – color me surprised – Bobby’s was the fave.

I think Bobby’s win had to do with all the different cheeses in the recipe. It calls for like, a bazillion different cheeses (okay, really just 5 cheeses, but still).

I was so excited to dig in (or maybe I was a wee bit high on cough syrup) but I kinda forgot to take a pic of the finished dish. And by the time I remembered I wasn’t just there to chowdown on some mac and cheese, but had to blog about it too, this is all that was left:

So, yeah, the dish was a huge success.


3 Responses to “Bobby Flay’s Throwdown”

  1. amymckie November 12, 2010 at 11:01 am #

    LOL I love the picture. Obviously a success yes 🙂 Too bad the hubs lost though 🙂


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