Harry Potter Extravaganza! Harry, Steven Tyler and an injured wrist

13 Oct

So, I came a little late to the Harry Potter party. Back in June of 2003 I graduated from a local college with a diploma in computer programming, a discipline I hated and kinda sucked at. Graduation day I had a quarter life crisis. I realized I was buried even deeper in student loan debt and no further ahead in life.  The hubs (then the boyfriend) knew exactly what I needed: he took me to a used bookstore and told me to pick out my graduation gift. For some reason I stumbled into the kids’ section and saw the first two harry Potter books. I was sick and tired of being an adult and having to deal with shit day in and day out. So, in my dorky way buying kids’ books for graduation was my way of telling the world to piss off.

I read both of them that night and kicked myself in the ass for not reading them sooner. Now that I had started the series, there was no stopping me. The next day I went hunting for the third book, The Prisoner of Azkhaban, which I lucked into second hand. And the fourth book also.  When I finished The Goblet of Fire I went to find the fifth book, only to discover it was only available in hardcover because it had just come out. Not good.

What to do? I wasn’t the book lover I am now so buying a book new, and a hardcover at that, was a huge deal. But I did it. And devoured it in one night. And I ended up in the ER the next morning unable to move my right wrist, thumb or fingers without unbelievable pain. I thought maybe I had bashed that hand against the wall when sleeping, but no. I had given myself tendinitis. Well, technically Harry Potter had given me tendinitis. For the next five months I had to wear a splinty thing and could only read for short periods of time. The ultimate dork injury.

When The Half Blood Prince came out, there was, of course, a big midnight release party at our local bookstore. I wasn’t planning on going because I had ordered a copy through the store’s website and I was sick, running a temperature of about 101. But it was nothing like the Harry Potter fever I had caught, so at 11:30 I bundled up, brushed my teeth and dragged the hubs (who at that time was the fiancé) to the release party where he basically held me up as I shivered in line trying not to get knocked over by all the little Harrys and Hermiones running around. In and out of a drug induced sleep for the next two days I managed to finish the book, although I’m not sure I remember much of it.

When the final book came out I was a bundle of nerves. How would it end? Who would survive? Would I be able to read it without injury? It took me two days to get through The Deathly Hallows in between extra shifts at work and a kickin’ Aerosmith concert. I was so exhausted after I finished it I think I slept for two days. I also had weird dreams about Steven Tyler, Mrs. Weasley and the sorting hat. But that’s another blog post all together. 😛

Stop by tomorrow for an Harry Potter giveaway! And don’t forget to check out ALL of the Harry Potter madness happening this month, including Chick Loves Lit’s giveaway.


5 Responses to “Harry Potter Extravaganza! Harry, Steven Tyler and an injured wrist”

  1. Amanda Makepeace October 13, 2010 at 8:13 am #

    I still vividly remember reading the Harry Potter books. My daughter at the time was only 2 yrs old. I’d put her to bed and then stay up half the night reading, and giggling. Years later she began reading them and then when the last book came out, we read it together. The Harry Potter series is magic to readers of all ages. 🙂

    • lavenderlines October 13, 2010 at 8:27 am #

      Ah, that’s a great story Amanda!

  2. amymckie October 13, 2010 at 8:14 am #

    Oh gosh, I forgot your tendinitis story. I wondered what the injured wrist in the title was about. Hehe. Definitely trumps my story that’s coming in 2 days 😉

  3. Jo Ann Yhard October 14, 2010 at 4:45 am #

    Funny funny! I blew through them fast, too. I am envious at what a great job she does creating that magical world.

  4. steph October 14, 2010 at 10:25 am #

    Haha! This was a great post! I wish I had a story to tell like that. I don’t know. I was working at Chapters when curiosity finally got the better of me and I asked someone why all the HP fuss. I bought the first three that day (thank God for the Chapters discount!). I preordered all the rest when they became available and before each new one arrived I reread the ones before. Then I read the new books as though my life depended on it. The thing is, I could read them all again, because when I devour books so fast, they all blend into one and I don’t remember much…

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