Book in a month challenge

1 Aug

So the hubs and I have been talking about doing NaNoWriMo this month, since he won’t be home in November for the official NaNoWriMo. So, how happy was I to discover Amanda, one of my bookish Twitter friends, was hosting a book in a month challenge for August? Well, I was darn tootin’ happy! Scoot over to Amanda’s site, Spiral Upwards, for all the details and her inspiration behind the challenge.

My inspiration for joining is easy: I’ve gotten lazy when it comes to my writing. Sure, I write daily here and have monthly writing contracts for others, but I have been very lax in writing creatively. And it’s bringing out the cranks in me (just ask the hubs).

I was going to work on one of my two partially finished YA WIPs, but decided this morning to start fresh. So, this evening I will be plotting out my quirky YA funny zombie book.

You’re curious now, aren’t you?  I know I am. 🙂


One Response to “Book in a month challenge”

  1. Amanda August 1, 2010 at 3:57 pm #

    Woo-hoo! I’m so happy you’re joining me! It’s always nice to have company. And I saw your tweet about the cool new fresh idea – awesome! I thought I’d be working on the older of my two projects, but it turned out today when I went to write that I dove into the newer! Perhaps I’ll save the other for NaNo!

    Looking forward to your process!

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