Review:Promise by Kristie Cook

29 Jul

Ang’dora Books, 2010

When Alexis Ames is attacked by creatures that can’t be real, she decides it’s time she learns who she really is, with or without the help of her mother, who guards their family’s secrets closely. After meeting the inhumanly attractive, multi-talented Tristan Knight, however, Alexis retreats behind her façade of normalcy…until she discovers he’s not exactly normal either. Then their secrets begin to unravel. Their union brings hope and promise to her family’s secret society, the Angels’ army, and to the future of mankind. But it also incites a dangerous pursuit by the enemy – Satan’s minions and Tristan’s creators. After all, Alexis and Tristan are a match made in Heaven and in Hell.

From Amazon website.

Okay, here’s the thing: I don’t like romance books. I never had. Not since junior high when I devoured those stupid little Sweet Dreams books that were all romance and gave totally dorky, impressionable 13 year old me the wrong idea about love and romance. In my early 20s I tried a Harlequin and then a Danielle Steel. Yeah, hated them both. From that moment on I decided to stop trying to like romance and I’ve shunned the genre ever since. Hell, I usually mock it every chance I get.

Then in the last six months I have sloooowly started reading and enjoying YA with elements of romance, as long as there is plenty of paranormal to go with it. (Shiver, Linger, Evermore). But I’ve still steered clear of adult romance novels. Cuz I hate them.

Yeah, well, please gather ’round as I eat my words topped of with a touch of crow and humble pie. I just finished Kristie Cook’s Promise and I kinda dug it. And – wait for it – it’s a ROMANCE BOOK!

Yes, folks I have read and enjoyed a romance book. I found myself furiously flipping through the pages in order to find out what happened next. Alexis was an interesting main character and while not my type, I’m sure most gals will find Tristan the perfect male lead.

Since this is the first adult romance book I’ve read in over 15 years, I can’t really say how the romance aspects holds up with other books.  What I can tell you is it was the epic, soul mate kinda love.  Instant attraction, instant love, meant to be together, the whole nine yards. And while on it’s own this could be seen as a bit over the top and cheesy to the likes of me, it tied in so nicely with the main story line that it wasn’t. See, there was a purpose to their all consuming love. A reason. This made all the difference for me.

Okay, the paranormal plot. I likes it! It was different from other paranormal angel-related books I’ve read, but wasn’t completely coming from left field. I found myself wanting to know about Alexis’ past and her family almost as much as Alexis herself wanted to know. The lore was well explained and well written. It trickled out over the course of the book, rather than being spat out all at once. There were two key scenes in which the more knowing characters explained to Alexis (and me) what the heck was going on, but the hints had been there.

Cook’s descriptive writing made me feel like I was right in the middle of the story. Lately I’ve been all about the little details and have come to realize that quite often it is what is happening in between the big events in a book that makes the whole thing seem real. Cook’s eye to detail, whether describing a room or how a character is holding themselves, all added to the believability of the story.

Promise is the first in Cook’s Soul Saver series. The second book, Purpose is out this fall. All I can say is I can’t wait to read Purpose and see where all this is going.

If you like romance and paranormal, I strongly suggest picking this up. Hell, even if you aren’t big on romance, give it a try. I did and I’m glad.

Thanks so, so much to Kristie Cook for the review copy.

Oh, make sure to come back tomorrow for a guest post from Kristie AND the chance to win your own copy of Promise!


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