Music Monday: Norma MacDonald

18 Jan

I first heard Norma sing way back in the hay-day of Celtic music’s second (or was it third?) revival.  In the early ’90s it seemed that every Celtic band from the Maritimes had one female in the group, and for Highland Heights, it was Norma.  I was a huge fan from the get-go and actually got to know Norma and the boys from going to their concerts.

When Highland Heights broke up, I was a bit devastated. But then I found out that Norma had branched out on her own. And am I ever glad she did.

Her songs tend towards alt-country, but I hate categorizing anyone. For me, her songs are just great music.  Her debut CD, Nothing is Where it Was, was great, but her follow up, The Forest for the Trees, blew me away.

And while some people may think that this doesn’t have a lot to do with music, Norma is just a nice person. And whether she is playing to a crowd at the ECMAs (where she was nominated last year for female artist of the year), or a few people at a local bar, her stage presence is relaxed, funny and inviting.

She doesn’t have a video out yet (Hey Norma, when you do, I wanna be in it!!!) but here’s a clip from a December show she did at The Carlton.


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