I Beta get going!

14 Jan

Holy snapping turtles, I have Beta readers! Yeppers, actual people besides me who are going to read my manuscript and tell me to what degree it was brilliant. Or at what point they fell asleep.

The back story to this book is I wrote it three years ago during NaNoWriMo and then put it away. I had no idea how to edit it. A year or so ago, I took it out, dusted it off and did two edits. Then I once again froze, and packed it away.

Well, now I want to see if it’s worth trying to get published. I have one more edit I want to do before handing it off to my Beta readers.

I’m excited and nervous at the same time. While I think the book’s good (even great at times) I can’t help but think of American Idol.

Okay stick with me here, folks. You know how they do those pre audition interviews and the potential star says they are the next Mariah, Whitney, Britney, Justin, or Michael? And then they sing and you can feel your ears bleed? What if I’m the writer’s version of that? What if I am literary tone-deaf?

It’s all very nerve-wracking, thinking of someone else reading my words. But it also makes me happy. Because I’ll soon know whether I should continue down this road of writing or apply at the nearest Walmart.


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