Getting soft in my old age?

12 Dec

I hate romance books. With a passion. If I pick up a book and find out that it is heavy on the romance, I’ll stop reading it. Give it away. Throw it away. I just don’t do romance.

Then I picked up a book by Alyson Noel called Evermoore. The back sounded interesting and while there was a bit of a romantic lean, I didn’t think it would be too much.

Yeah, this book was HEAVY on the romance. AND the ooshy kind. Deep stares, soul mate talk, instant I’ll-die-without-you attraction.

I should have hated it the moment the main characters Ever and Damen met eyes. But I didn’t. Nope. Instead I devoured the book in one night when I should have been painting. And then I did something even worse: I ran out to the bookstore the next day and bought the second in the series.

The second book, Blue Moon, was even mushier that the first. But yet again I found myself reading it in one sitting. And loving it. And ordering the next book a-la hardcover.

Shadowland has been sitting on my desk for about a week, mocking me. I’m dying to read it, but also a bit scared. Because if I also love it, then my personality has had a major shift. Or maybe I’m getting sentimental as I get older. Either way, it’s a bit freaky.

If you ever find me wandering the Harlequin section of the bookstore, eyes glazed over and hands clenched romantically over my heart, please call 911. Trust me, it’s an emergency.


One Response to “Getting soft in my old age?”

  1. Ronnica December 12, 2009 at 10:29 am #

    I’m a romance-hater as well. Those are some mighty strong symptoms…hope you haven’t been bitten by the romance-bug!

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