Happy Halloween!!!!!

31 Oct

So yesterday I was moaning about how I totally forgot about Halloween and ended up not reading a Halloween appropriate book this year. Well, the book gods must have heard me, because yesterday afternoon Charlaine Harris’ new book, A Touch of Dead arrived at my doorstep.

Yes, I was excited. Yes, hugged the book tightly to my chest. Yes, I may have blown off the renos to dig into it.

And while it might not be a scary or creepy read meant to scare the pants off of its readers, it is filled with vamps, weres, shifters and fairies, making it an Halloween appropriate read.

A Touch of Dead is a compilation of short stories about touch_of_deadHarris’ main character in the Southern Vampire series, Sookie Stackhouse. Each story has been previously published in other anthologies, but this is the first time that they have all appeared together.

I’ve only had a chance to read the first two short stories and I love them. This is one of those series where as soon as I finish a book, I want to read the next. It’s also one of only a hand full of book series that I am so into that I don’t mind doling out the money for hardcover editions.

So in between renoing today and the kids trick or treating tonight I will finish A Touch of Dead. And my Halloween tradition will live on.


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