100 pages in, and…….

29 Oct

I have to say that I am actually starting to enjoy The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson. the_gargoyleNow, mind you, I haven’t fallen in love with it or anything, but when I look at the book sitting on my desk, my face no longer scrunches up.

I was told by some trusty book peeps that they, too, had a hard time getting into The Gargoyle, but eventually the book grew on them.

I think part of my problem is that if I don’t instantly fall into a book, I find myself looking over at my TBR pile and wondering if I wouldn’t just be better off chucking my current read and heading on to the next one. And that’s why The Gargoyle sat at the bottom of the pile for a few months.

Has anyone else ever been slow to get into a book at the beginning, only to plod on and end up enjoying it?


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