Dust to Dust: Stories by Timothy Findley

26 Aug

Published by HarperPerenial Canada, 1997

In Timothy Findley’s collection of short stories, Dust to Dust, the theme of death flow through each story, intertwining with the theme of creativity. While these are two very contrasting themes, Findley presents them in such a way that they end up Dust_to_Dustcomplementing each other and often switching places, with death representing life and creativity representing an end.

Findley is my favorite writer and what I love most about his writing is its diversity. Even though the short stories in this collection all had common themes, each one was uniquely written. The volume also includes stories in several different genres, including murder mystery (Abracadaver, The Madonna of the Cherry Trees), love (A Bag of Bones) and horror (Hilton Agonistes, Americana).

While most of the characters were flawed, they were flawlessly written, their love and hate and lives jumping off the pages. There wasn’t one story in this collection that I didn’t enjoy, and quite often I was left wanting to know more about the places and people and situations Findley wrote about.

This was a great read, as all of Findley’s books are. If you haven’t read any of his books, Dust to Dust is a great place to start.

Click here to find out more about Dust to Dust.

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